Travel Counsellors Advertising Campaign
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Travel Counsellors Advertising Campaign

I first started shooting for Travel Counsellors over 8 years ago but up until recently all of their campaigning was kept in the industry press, you might say they are the most successful best kept secret in travel.

This campaign has focussed on shooting the real staff, the Travel Counsellors themselves and capturing each of their personalities. Travel Counsellors is all about the people, they work tirelessly to offer the most outstanding service in Travel. I have to say after meeting so many now they really are all cast from the same mold, such a lovely group of people.

My job was to get the best from the individuals, keep them relaxed and help them. They are no different from me in that they hate having their picture taken so, patience, empathy and understanding is required.

The campaign has gone down a storm I am proud to say it can be seen all over the UK including as the picture above shows in the London Underground.

My thanks to Travel Counsellors and Steve Lord from DaVinci Communications for making this project such a success.