Just a little background of my company.  I am a small jewellery company and I sell my items online.  I struggled to achieve decent photographs of my work so decided to get them done professionally.  I was very naive about the whole process.  I thought if I used a ‘specialist’ product photographer they would be able to deliver high quality images that would showcase my jewellery.  How wrong I was.  In two years I have hired and paid for three ‘professional’ product photographers.  Each one supplied me with portfolios that looked great and promised they would deliver quality images.


I had contracts with each photographer stating that I would receive ‘high quality images’.  The images I have received have varied in quality and not one has delivered what was promised. Most of the images I haven’t been able to use. My experience has been bitterly disappointing, has cost a considerable amount of money, time and upset. It seems that my contracts are worthless, unless I am willing to take legal action against the companies.


Matthew Seed is the fourth product photographer that I have used.  As you can imagine I was very nervous by this time.  Matthew and Anne-Marie have been amazing and immediately put me at ease.  This is the only company that offered me a test shoot.  The results were amazing.  I was also invited to attend the shoot and I had the best day ever.


The images that Matthew has produced are fabulous and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only are the images great, the customer care has being outstanding.  I can honestly say that MSP Studios is the best company that I have ever used.  My sales have increased in a short period of time.  I couldn’t be happier with my new photographs.


Thank you Matthew and Anne-Marie for all that you have done.


Susan Frost


Initial plans were drawn up to produce a photoshoot abroad using multiple models to provide the brand with a bank of assets to use across our sites and social media. This seemed like an ideal project to get MSP involved in, and to their complete credit, neither Matthew or his production director flinched when I told them that we would be looking at a 10 day turn around time, starting from a completely blank slate. I wasn’t entirely convinced it was going to be possible, but at no point did they seem phased, and work started on the planning straight away.


Matthew clearly wanted to bring ideas to the table and work with me to produce a great shoot, instead of expecting all direction to come from the client side. In addition, MSP offer a complete team, and sourced models, stylists, Hair & Make-up, lighting assistants, retouchers and production assistance. This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without this service, as it was far beyond the scale of anything we had previously done at Bootea. I was able to send over rough initial ideas on model types and locations to Anne-Marie, MSP’s production director, and she very quickly came back with multiple options, potential routes we could go down, and complete respect for the budget that we were working too. What could have been a very stressful time ended up being exciting as all the parts fell in to place and it was clear that we had a great team ready to go on the shoot.


The shoot itself was on a very tight timescale – just 48 hours to shoot 10 scenes with multiple looks across the 3 different models. Despite a late night arrival at the venue and very little set up time, the entire crew hit the ground running and from the first set up to the final wrap each day, it was a great atmosphere on set. I’ve worked on shoots previously where the mood has been tense and there has been anxiety about whether we were going to be able to deliver the shots we intended. As we progressed through the shoot, the images got better and better as the entire team, including the models, kept bringing in new ideas they were keen to try. I had a clear idea before we started the shoot exactly the photographs I wanted from the shoot, but the images as a result of experimenting on the day are far better than I had imagined. It’s exactly what I hoped to get working with a creative photographer such as Matthew. I also have nothing but respect for man who is willing to go neck deep in a cold swimming pool whilst holding £20,000 worth of camera just above the water level because he has a shot he wants to try. I’ll have to find a way to push him even harder on the next shoot if the resulting image from his water based experiment are anything to go by…


The images from the shoot were used to launch the new website, and have been extremely well received by both the team in the office and our customers. In addition to the Cyprus shoot, Matthew took care of our 2016 product shots, and his attention to detail and commitment to getting the items looking as good as possible was above and beyond. The Bootea product range is extremely varied, and some of the items were difficult to shoot and light, but all the images came back looking superb. Plus, there were 250+ to choose from, which should keep us going for a while. I didn’t know there were so many different ways to shoot tea-bags, and I work with them every day. We have been using them extensively across all of social media and have seen a noticeable uplift in engagement.


As a client I felt completely supported in what I was trying to achieve with the shoot, and every request was met with ‘ we can definitely do that’ and a bunch of suggested about how we could make it even better. It was definitely the most enjoyable shoot I’ve ever been involved in and we will definitely be using Matthew and his team for the next shoot. “


Tom Campbell

Senior Art Director



Words that are not thrown around lightly today. That is, of course, until you’re lucky enough to work with Matthew Seed.

A true man of craft and fantastic fellow to boot.


In a modern society of Instagram and cheap DSLRs it seems everyone can take a photo. But I am not in the business of taking or collecting photos. I am in the business of capturing pure emotion with powerful atmospheric vision. If you want just a snapper then Matthew is not for you. If you want a world class visionary with passion and knowledge to create a piece of time you didn’t think existed – with such beauty and sophistication – then pick up the phone and call. Matthew is your man.


Transformation is not an easy thing to achieve, yet Matthew does this effortlessly, something only a true expert can give the impression of. His thought process, mastery of lighting and artistic vision has been forged from a life of study and practise. It is something you will only see in fleeting moments as he sets his composition and stands behind the Hassleblad lens. That is the magic of the status quo to the sublime, having confidence in his own savoir faire to capture the essence of what you require, then actually raise your bar of what you thought was quality. That is the skill of a true craftsman, the illusion of effortlessness and the ability to excel in any situation.


As I said before, if you want just a photograph – be it people, place or product – Matthew Seed Photography is not for you. If you want amazement and magic captured in a heartbeat, if you want the living to be more alive than you have ever seen, if you want scenery to draw you in to its secret story or your product to achieve the greatness you first envisioned those many years ago…pick up the phone and never look back.


Dexterity, mastery, vision and craftsmanship?……..Sit back, relax and prepare to say ‘wow’ a lot.


Steve Moyler

Senior Digital Art Director

McCann Manchester


As an International brand our identity and imagery are crucial to our brand messaging and ultimately our brand promise. Matthew has brought a craft and intuitive feel to our photography which belies the few months we have worked together.


From initial brief through to the completed works he has brought creativity and direction whilst empathising with our requirements to create a cohesive and glittering collection of images.


Matthew is industrious, detailed, and enthusiastic with a flair for capturing the moment like no other photographer we have worked with. To cap that he’s a genuinely nice bloke which always helps.


Nick Paxton
Chief Executive
Silver Cross Prams


Having worked alongside Matthew on a number of hotel refurb shoots, I have to say his first class attention to detail, creative imagination, distinctive style and ever-present positivity never fails to impress me.


Photography is a bit of a passion of mine but at times I’m left baffled and mesmerised by Matthews photography. After experiencing his ‘craft’ first-hand, it makes you think about photography in a whole new dimension. It’s safe to say he’s a magician with the camera.


Whether it’s shooting close ups of food and hotel features, empty meeting rooms and reception areas, or shots with models dining, checking in or relaxing around the pool, Matthew will really bring the subject to life, capturing the atmosphere, tone and mood perfectly, whilst adding his own creative twist. Matthew just gets it… he takes on board your art direction, adds his unique style and flair, exploring all outcomes, overcoming any potential banana skins. I know that whatever creative suggestion I have, can be made possible. Understanding is crucial.


He’s a real pleasure to work with and on top of that has a freakily good knowledge of coffee… you enter each shoot knowing you’ll get imaginative but ‘real’ imagery whatever the scenario. You leave having a greater understanding of the world of coffee… What more could you ask for?


The overall experience that working with Anne Marie and Matthew brings is second to none… experience it yourself and you’re sure to be astounded.


Benjamin Greenhalgh
Senior Designer
Cuckoo Design


As the Senior Creative for one of the UK’s fastest growing high street retailers, I have high expectations in all creative areas, especially the imagery. Photography can make or break your brand, which is why I continue to book Matthew at every opportunity.


He never fails to impress me with his immense knowledge in all areas of photography; the way he sculpts products with light is fascinating to watch and he always goes above and beyond to deliver, and exceed, the vision I have in my mind.


As a creative with a wild imagination that is both comforting and challenging!

Matthew is undeniably the most skilled photographer I have had the pleasure of working with. The studio, the equipment, the results and even his coffees are second to none…what more could I ask for!


Katie Nattrass
Senior Creative


B&W Studio has worked with Matthew at Matthew Seed Photography for many years now, Matthew is the best lighting photographer I have worked with for studio work & the first person we would think of for a shoot. Matthew’s meticulous attention to detail is second to none, from hand bags to bin bags whatever problems we throw at him there’s always a technique up his sleeve to turn the shoot around FAST!


As an agency based in Leeds , Cheshire is a long way to travel but on certain projects we wouldn’t risk any other photographer. Matthew also uses the best kit in the world so the quality is of the highest standard. He also happens to be the best & fastest retoucher we have ever seen.


As well as Matthew’s photography skills he has always been happy to input on the ideas side too. We also appreciate Matthew’s flexible work ethic & professionalism.


As an agency we are proud to be associated with Matthew & his studio, he’s a down to earth bloke with no attitude, sincere and really easy to work with.


Matthew Seed Photography is a hidden gem.


Lee Bradley
Managing Director & Senior Designer
B&W Studio Leeds


Courtaulds (Footwear) Limited have been working with Matthew Seed Photography for over a year now and in that time he has consistently delivered fantastic quality photography both in the studio and on location, on time and within budget.


He listens to the brief but will propose alternative ideas without encroaching our vision – his vast experience, technical ability and creative input only enhance the quality of the shots and brings our ideas to life. I would happily recommend Matthew to anyone requiring superior quality photography with a service second to none.


Matthew and Anne-Marie are an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more projects with them in the future.


Justin Taggart
Product Manager
Courtaulds Footwear


The word excellence is banded about too easily today but Matthew’s work is the very meaning of it.


We offer a huge array of bridal products so we need a fast turn over of shots but with high quality and attention to detail. Ordinarily, we could only expect one or two criteria but with Matthew we can get all three…and then some!To see him work with such attention to detail at a pace that is unique to him, is pure joy! His team are second to none providing a top notch service from booking models, planning locations, organising props right through to presenting the finished work.


His understanding of light and how it affects each product is astounding and to see him transform a set in front of your eyes with studio lighting is nothing short of magic. Matthew’s control of a brief and attention to it throughout the day, from merchandise to models, is very reassuring especially when the clock is ticking. The way he directs models and handles changes is obviously the result of years of practice and again, is a weight off our mind.


With all that said, Matthew should be aloof with a giant ego but the opposite is true. He is such a nice guy and keeps us informed at every stage with nothing being too much trouble for him and with a genuine passion & pride for his work.When we look at our finished shots and consider all that we’ve seen throughout the day, we can honestly say that we’ve got something special.


If you’re thinking about hiring a photographer then call Matthew.All the very best from us to you.


Shanaz & Abby
Athena Bridal Jewellery