rachel wears, fashion photographer

Rachel Wears Fashion shoot

Recently we were contacted by Rachel Wears who was looking to improve on the photography for her website Her brand is proud to say that the garments are made in England and the quality demanded a clean, simple approach for an exclusive look.

Our shoot was a full day and we needed to pick the right model for the job – and boy did we! Hollie Simmons from  Industry People was the perfect choice for her energy, enthusiasm and genuine joy for the assignment. It is true to say that in my 25 years as a fashion photographer I’ve never encountered a model with her level of commitment to the brief right to the last moment. This was proven by comparison with the first and last shot of the day. The huge variety of garments and the schedule meant a hectic day of quick changes and bright smiles throughout – with the occasional arm waving and giggling to delight us and the client.

The end result was a large selection of shots that delighted Rachel and were striking when placed on the site.
A great big thank you goes to Rachel and the team at and, of course, the marvellous Hollie, from Industry People, who stole the show.