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Paris shoot for Chinese car DS

I was delighted to be asked to photograph a stunning black Andalusian Horse for a Chinese motor company based in Shanghai.

The purpose of this was to produce a still advert to be unveiled at the Chinese Motor Show in Beijing in 2014. This still was part of a televised production shot on the grounds of the opulent 17th Century Chateau De Vaux-Le-Vicomte, Paris by the Shanghai-based production team. I was privelidged to see some of the filming and the creativity behind the ad beforehand.

The shoot itself took place at a riding school just outside Paris with expert trainers and the keen eyes of the production team. The horse reared up on command which was thrilling with such a powerful animal only feet away from the lens!
The advert and the still were released simultaneously at the Beijing Motor show to great effect.
A big big thanks go to the Riding School trainers and the excellent Shanghai production team for making this a memorable event.


The TV advert and stills were released at the Beijing Motor Show, to see the TV advert please click here.