hasselblad, profoto, silver cross

Getting to know Silver Cross

I have recently begun shooting for the iconic Silver Cross company, prams and push chairs to some of the most famous names for many years.

The brand is a proud British institution that has instant recognition the world over and, for a long time now, has been the vanguard of baby carriages. We have planned some incredible shoots in the coming months but, first things first, I needed to familiarise myself with their products. I often do this with new clients, especially when its a product I have little experience with and need to understand how to present it in the best light. So I decided to take away one of their newest prams and with my Hasselblad H3 camera, 3 Pro-Foto lights and no brief, I came up with the shot above.

Not all products hold up well to such close up photography but these prams are crafted to such a high standard the close ups were a pleasure to shoot.
Looking forward to working more with Silver Cross in the future.
My thanks go to the team at Silver Cross.