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Bijou Betty Jewellery shoot

After our first shoot Bijou betty had a total re brand and came up with this beautiful, very modern brand identity.

What followed was a full day studio shoot to capture the new look. The key here was to capture that subtle texture to the card backing at the same time as lighting the jewellery beautifully. A very controlled creative lighting technique helped bring out the ribbing to great effect.

Matthew was asked to style set this project and we came up with the idea of white background with subtle white props to keep the look simple. This idea proved to work very well, our worry was that heavy props would be distracting and pull focus from the product.

The client was over joyed with the shoot and sales have already started to increase.

Job done.

Also a big thanks to Susan from Bijou Betty for this testimonial, much appreciated.



Just a little background of my company.  I am a small jewellery company and I sell my items online.  I struggled to achieve decent photographs of my work so decided to get them done professionally.  I was very naive about the whole process.  I thought if I used a ‘specialist’ product photographer they would be able to deliver high quality images that would showcase my jewellery.  How wrong I was.  In two years I have hired and paid for three ‘professional’ product photographers.  Each one supplied me with portfolios that looked great and promised they would deliver quality images.

I had contracts with each photographer stating that I would receive ‘high quality images’.  The images I have received have varied in quality and not one has delivered what was promised. Most of the images I haven’t been able to use. My experience has been bitterly disappointing, has cost a considerable amount of money, time and upset. It seems that my contracts are worthless, unless I am willing to take legal action against the companies.

Matthew Seed is the fourth product photographer that I have used.  As you can imagine I was very nervous by this time.  Matthew and Anne-Marie have been amazing and immediately put me at ease.  This is the only company that offered me a test shoot.  The results were amazing.  I was also invited to attend the shoot and I had the best day ever.

The images that Matthew has produced are fabulous and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only are the images great, the customer care has being outstanding.  I can honestly say that MSP Studios is the best company that I have ever used.  My sales have increased in a short period of time.  I couldn’t be happier with my new photographs.

Thank you Matthew and Anne-Marie for all that you have done.

Susan Frost